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Solar lamps can be situated in any place that it is uneconomic to install the electric installation. They are a perfect solution to drop the costs of electricity consumption. They can be used, among others, to light:

  • Bus stations,
  • Promenades, walking paths, crossroads
  • zebra crossings,
  • parks, playgrounds and car parks,
  • industrial and trade places,
  • many other places needing to be lightened
Solar lamps installation is quick and easy, does not require any consultations with the local power plant. Each of the lamps is fully independent, ready to work immediately after installation. The independence of the lamp can be up to 3 days, it can work 14-15 hours per day.

Types of lamps in our offer:

  • Street lamps
  • Street hybrid lamps
  • Park-garden lamps
The construction details of the lamp and flagpole can be changed according to the customer's requirements. These changes include:
  • The height of the flagpole
  • The flagpole colour
  • The capacity of the battery/batteries
  • The Power of the solar panels
  • The light source
  • Power of the lighting
The price list is available upon customer's request.

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